For those competitive and lifestyle clients looking for long term commitment and accountability, this plan is for you!  We only require a 6 month commitment!  With a 1 year commitment you can look to save $500 per year! 

 This package includes:

* Customized and detailed structured diet and supplement plan

* Built with your favourite whole foods

* Fully structured customized 8 week training plan

* Cardiovascular training guidance

* Updated training plans every 8 weeks 

* Weekly online check ins with a 24 hour response time

* Adjustments to your plan as needed

* Access to a Private Team Facebook Page for recipe ideas, upcoming events and endless support

* 24 hour email support from our coaching professionals with quick response times.

* Contest Prep not included in pricing 



* 6 month commitment

* Pre authorized payments that reoccur on the same day each month as the original purchase date. 



Results may vary.

Upon completion of your purchase you will receive an email specifying details on how to receive your package! Please be sure to also check your junk mail. Please allow up to 5-7 business days for delivery of your plan.

Month To Month Coaching Services