16 Week Contest Prep Package


$399 / month

Are you ready to take your physique to that next level? Are you a seasoned athlete looking to hit the stage once again?  Contact us now to get started! Designed for any federation and any class, this 16 week contest prep package provides you everything you need to prepare you for stage! 


This customized plan includes:

* Customized and detailed diet and supplement plan

* 3 Fully structured customized training plans

* Cardiovascular training guidance

* Weekly online check ins with same day replies 

* Adjustments to your plan as needed 

* Daily check ins on your final week

* Full peak week plan 

* 6 group posing sessions (Held in the Calgary area)

* Post show diet and cardio plan .

* Payment Plan Options

* Access to a Private Team Facebook Page for recipe ideas, upcomming events and endless support  

* Email and text support from our coaching professionals with quick response times

As we want to ensure we can have your physique physically ready for stage within a 16 week period, an assessment must be completed to determine if your current level of conditioning and muscularity is suited to begin.

Please email us below with your info and date of your chosen

competition and we will guide you through the next steps!

Please allow up to a 24 hour response time.

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