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Exclusive Affiliate Discounts

Take advantage of our exclusive affliate discounts with a purchase of any one of our packages.  Discount details to be provided with your completed packages. 


Exclusive 15% off discount code for all purchases of apparel from Aesthetic Life Apparel

Exclusive discounts on all laser hair removal, laser pigment removal, Velashape and sublative skin rejuvenation provided by Illume Laser Services. Discounts vary by service. Please contact for info.

Exclusive discounts on all photo shoot packages provided by Kristina Zach Photography and Design. Discounts vary by package. Please contact for info.

Monthly discounts when subscribed to emails for food prep services and delivery provided by Lean On Meals.


Exclusive 10% discount off your first Home Cleaning service.  Please contact for info

Exclusive 20% discount off all online jewelry purchases. Please contact for info

Offering myofascial release, kinesiotape, passive stretching and chiropractic adjustment.  Please contact for info 

Offering women and mens waist trainers. Receive an inclusive discount with a purchase of any plan. 

Mipstick is a Holistic Nutritionist who can provide a symptomatology assessment that helps determine any root contributing imbalances or deficiencies in the body and can make recommendations as to how to best tackle those imbalances while on your competition diet. Receive an inclusive discount with any purchase of our plans  


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